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I have PTSD i suffer badly with this,i was abused as a child, rapes as a teenager and was in a violent marriage for 6 yrs were i was raped and beaten daily.


I have since re-married but not for the right reasons its more for having help than anything there is no physical relationship.


I get help from Avon House ( Community Mental Health Centre in Plymouth) but alot of the time i tell them im better than i really am as i dont want my family involved in it all.


Will it ever end will things ever go away cause they are always pictured in my mind daily thats all i want is the mental pictures to leave me.


I feel so tired and blame myself all the time and then i find myself getting into arguments over the daftest things.


At other times i seem to be helping others as i've been through a traumatic past but were does it stop?  why must my head rule my life in so many different ways?  It dosn't seem fair i would love the day i wake up and havent dreamt or thought of what has happened to me. Many thanks for your time. Good luck x

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(Service User Network) Sun Cornwall & Plymouth
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I will leave it up to you, should you wish to make up a name as an identity. Also if you want to join the site. i wish people would sign up, so I have some idea of how much help this site is.


I am myself a service-user on and off since I was 18 years old. That was a long time ago and there isn't a lot of things, that I haven't heard or seen.


I have heard so many horrific stories, but this has helped me to be empathetic. I cannot give professtional help, but I maybe able to point you in the right direction, for the right support.

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I have ptsd due to abuse and rape asa child and a's taken a long time,lots of pain and hard work but i'm getting there. I still have flashbacks and intrusive memories,times when i space out completely and days where all i can do is cry,but i'm learning to manage those times.There is to anyone else out there,hold on because you are worth fighting for xx

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