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John Allman
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According to official Dept of Health statistics, during 2011, the percentage of legal abortions in England and Wales that were carried out because the mother had a mental health problem, was 97.9%. That's almost 49 out of every 50 legal abortions!


I think that that statistic legitimately makes abortion an issue of greater special concern to people with mental health issues than to almost any other demographic. It isn't just that the children of mentally ill mothers are slightly over-represented in the casualities of the abortion industry. Rather, it suggests that, without mentally ill people to keep up a constant supply of work, most abortion service suppliers would go out of business, and the lives of the babies concerned would be saved.


I've written about this topic elsewhere, and will provide a link to that blog post later on, if anybody expresses interest in hearing my suggestions as to why it might be that our community has turned out to be the abortionists' bread and butter.


But before I make any suggestions, what do people here think is the reason that the offspring of mentally ill mothers account for nearly all the unborn children who are falling prey to the British abortion industry nowadays?


The scientific research shows that abortion is actually worse for mental health than continuing unwanted or unintended pregnancies, so it's not even as if though all this killing was doing anybody any good. So why is our community being targeted, so obviously, in the abortion industry's marketing?


John Allman

Launceston, Cornwall

May 3, 2013 at 5:15 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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