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I feel that this EMDR is hyped as a no-risk treatment, and have a duty to raise awareness about its risks.

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<I have said it here before, and will add it too this thread, IMHO, unless the person has been personally trained by Dr. Shapiro herself, not a chance in hell would I do it with multiple trauma. Dr. Shapiro uses it on multiple trauma sufferers, however; she also screens patients extremely well beforehand, and as she is the creator of EMDR itself, you can imagine how misinformed and guided the teaching goes with the depth of it... ie. this therapist adds their own personal two cents without knowledge of implication teaching another, then they add their two cents, or drop some vital aspect without knowing the implications of it, then they teach someone else who melts a persons brain.

EMDR is a very good technique if used by experienced physicians with commonsense to be capable of reading a patients body language in order to judge whether they are not being totally honest to the questions asked whether they fit the criteria or not. If the slightest inkling that a person is not divulging the exact nature of trauma, then EMDR should not be used until such time as it is known. >

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