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some years ago I was a patient on a ward were sadly a lady killed herself,I knew of this lady    To cut a long story short , I met her very briefly on her first night there , she must have been very unwell because she was on one to one with a nurse . I also noticed her eyes appeared to have a glassey appearance like she was heavily medicated. .   I did not see her again until the next evening , when she was walking with her husband towards the garden , thats were patients went to smoke. I went out of the ward to go for a meal , I was off the ward for about a hour,when I got back , I was not allowed onto the ward by staff.until the police left.  A long time passed before the inquest took place , whilst I understand newspapers report there version of events, I feel in my honest opinion hospital staff did not tell the truth  . some years ago this hospital was discribed as being run on crisis management in the press , in my opinion the same is true today .

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Hello Anon,


Must apologise for not answering your post sooner. That is a really awful experience to go through. I know of four people who took their life whilst in hospital.


I was very involved with the case at Longreach Redruth on February 23rd 2007 and of a young lady who took her life at Gwaynten Truro on the 27th June 1999.


What worries me a lot; even though the Cornwall Partnership Trust say they have learnt lessons and it cannot happen again. Is nothing much has changed. I have seen four people who have been discharged from Longreach since August and thee same story is given.


Very little sight of a nurse, they are always in the office etc. No named nure and information not being displayed outside of the bedroom.


My last time on a ward was on Fletcher Bodmin. Whilst I was was there I observed two members of staff who were control freaks. One a male member of staff, who use to really enjoy coming out of the office at 9.30am on the dot. Then go over to the television and remove the ariel, then stand in front of everyone with a big smile and slowly roll up the cable. How he never got hit, I don't know, such people shouldn't be allowed to work on a ward of vulnerable people. One morning he actually done this whilst a programme was on all about how to build you self worth and self esteem. On the same day my CPN from Redruth came up to visit me..... she had seen the programme and said it was one of the best illustrations of how to build self confidence and self esteem she had seen. She would of took up my complaint, but I said I couldn't deal with all the paperwork and questioning, it would take me over the top.


Also at the same inpatient stay, on the first day, I was trying to get use to how the ward operated. I came across the occupational therapy ward, a number of people were sitting down drinking tea and reading a paper. I though, as the doors were wide open that it was available to everyone. So I went in and started to make a cup of tea. The the OT shouted at the top of her voice "What do you think you are doing?" I replied "joining the group" her response was "you can't just come in here and have a cup of tea, you have to sit in here for two hours and read the papers. I was alright with that.... hey! it wasn't like the ward was a bundle of laughs and the pains I was going through were real bad.


That afternoon i selfed harm, something I hadn't done for ages, but I knew i was at high risk and that is why I was on the ward. I would of been the eve of my daughters birthday and  just after the first anniversary of my daughters death and all the staff were aware of this. I had been in and out of acute wards for many years, even before my daughter showed the same behaviour patterns.


So I was put on the highest watch, someone in contact at all times. The next day i went back to the OT room to complete a birthday card for my daughter. The same OT was there, once again she bellowewd out "WE ARE NOT DOING CARDS TODAY"  I said its for my dead daughter. Her reply was we are doing painting of  terracotta pots.... I lost it big time and all the staff came running and diving on me, I didn't put up any fight and they took me back to my bedroom.


Unfortunately I was so unwell I didn't make a complaint about either of these staff, neither are suitable for such work. I feel now a days that I let down a lot of people, though I am scared I might end up there again sometime.


I usually have respite at Sancreed House Penzance (if i need some therapy to work out something)or Oakleigh House if I just need to chill out and get away from going manic.


You say in your opinion, you think the service is still in crisis management. I do agree and so do a number of staff members agree. I have a fairly open relationship with a number of staff and management, but the real problems seems to stem from the top.


For a long time the service voice stopped being vocal, but after meeting in the last two weeks, this is about to change. The Mental Health Forums are back, just read the "In The News" page, I shall keep people informed there. What I would like is if you and others can come aboard. There are allsorts of jobs to be done, to no it will not be a lot of work and no-one will be asked to do more than what they can do. Just coming along to a Forum meeting would be good.


A note for everyones diary Thursday 25th November between 11:00am and 2:00pm The Launch of the New East & West Cornwall Forums. There will be a buffet lunch and transport will either be provided, or paid for. If you need transport call Jane on 01872-243532 or e-mail  Just mentioned that SunCornwall said to make contact.


Hope to see you there.


If you want to email direct and share things in private, you all can reach me by


Take Care




Ray J

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