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   Was just wondering if any members of this site might know a way (other than the email address in the "contact us" section) of getting in contact with the founders/directors of this site/Service user Network. A name and phone number would be great (can send it to my inbox on here). I am interested in working with SUN-Cornwall for my Masters Dissertation in Disability Studies which is on mental health and the experiences of psycho emotional disabilism within statutory support services. I need to have permission to use this site. If any one can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Rebekah Gibbons 

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Anyone can ask for help in their studies, or post anything constructive in removing stigma. But it is up to those who respond to such posts to check out if they are real or not.


Beware of scammers, also remember you are giving out personal information with someone you do not know. Though in this case, I do believe Rebekah  request is genuine.


SunCornwall takes no responsiblity for your actions. We will always remove suspect spam or destructive posts as soon as we become aware of such posts.


We have SunCornwall members who does help out our local university as service users. Many of the Social Services and health degrees require the involvement of service users. (So some might already know Rebekah, as she is from Falmouth).


Anyone in Cornwall or Plymouth who would like more details of how to get involved please email


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